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FSI Refurbishment

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PINASON sells refurbished tools of FSI upon to the specification and requirement to the end-user. All FSI-systems will be fully stripped and the main frame will be completely cleaned or if necessary replaced by a new one. After stripping / cleaning the tool, brand new parts will be installed in the existing/new frame. This process will be executed in the clean-room or possibly onsite at the customer facility. In this case, you will see our advantage:

  • Competitive price and cost is much lower then OEM

  • Hardware, Process specifications and warranty on parts or 

  • labor are same as OEM

  • installation / startup will be "plug & play"

We mainly focus on the systems as below:

  • FSI Mercury MP / OC

  • FSI Titan MP # FSI Titan OC >> FSI Hercules

  • FSI Saturn MP

  • FSI Saturn OC >> FSI Zeus

TEL:(86) 21-6093-7998
ADD:Unit 1007,BLDG #35 2777 East Jin Xiu Rd. Shanghai201206 China

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